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About Course

Nothing beats the touch of the pencil to paper and letting all your creativity flow through them.

This course will help you learn the process of sketching on paper under the guidance of an expert instructor, who will demonstrate how to develop a sense of shape and lighting through strokes & lines.

By the end of this two-week course, you will have an understanding of drawings of objects found around you and in nature, rendered with effects of light and shadow. You will also have an understanding of characters designed with basic shapes and the objects around you.

  • Pencils (HB, 2B, 3B, 4B, 6B Apsara or Camlin)
  • Poster Colours (6 or 12 Shades Apsara or Camlin)
  • Round Brush (Size – 0,1,2,4,6,8)
  • Plain Paper or Drawing Sketch Book
  • Laptop / Mobile Phone with Camera
  • Gmail Account
  • Telegram / Whatsapp App

Duration - 2 Weeks

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

Live Video Class with Mentor

Feedback on Assignment


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