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About Course

Stop Motion is the form of animation which creates characters using everyday objects around you. You want to make your shoe behave like a dog, consider it done with Stop Motion.

This takes the average world of inanimate objects and make them fun and creative, filled with stories and gags and what not. Ever wanted your action figures to actually have an adventure, you can now learn to do it. All you need is a camera and some crazy creativity.

Claymation uses soft clay to create objects and characters and then morph them into one form from the other. Things like a worm turning into a butterfly or a seed transforming into a beautiful tree. You can have a bunch of colourful dots travel around and morph into your name.

Whatever you think of could be achieved with this process. And working with hands also help develop a general sense of craft and creativity.

A lot of movies and advertisements have used these processes to experiment with a unique style of storytelling.

Who is this course for?

  • If you ever have the impulse to pick things around you and make them act like characters and create stories with them.
  • When other people saw the mundane, you saw potential to have fun.
  • Who love to work with their hands and have a love for craft.

By the end of this course you will be ready to let your creativity flow. Create fun little projects or even full on movies.

  • A laptop
  • A camera or mobile phone with a camera.
  • A camera/ mobile stand.
  • Monkey jam software(free)/ Pencil 2D software(free) for Mac users.
  • Fun objects around you like, vegetables, geometry box, action figures, etc.
  • Clay- plasticine or any oil based soft clay.
  • Gmail Account
  • Telegram / Whatsapp App

*Recommended Graphic Tablet is Huion H640P. Please contact us HERE  for additional discount from our hardware partner Huion.

Duration - 2 Weeks

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

Live Video Class with Mentor

Feedback on Assignment


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