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About Course

Storyboard is the first step towards the visual representation of a story idea. It is considered to be one of the most crucial steps in the story development process.

This process takes your idea and breaks it down in a comic strip format. All stories that have ever been told in the animation world have gone through this step.

With this skill set in your pocket you can go on and tell stories on the next level. You can create bigger and grander stories as a profession or even just as a hobby.

Who this course is for?

  • A complete beginner, don’t need to draw perfectly, all you need is visualization.
  • Anyone who has story ideas and would love to see them play out visually.
  • If you want to learn about the very basics of story development, camera angles and how to effectively use them for telling a great story.

By the end of this course, you will have one or more of your short story ideas presented in a fun and visually compelling comic strip.

  • Pencil and paper.
  • A ruler/scale to draw lines.
  • Laptop / Mobile Phone with Camera
  • Gmail Account
  • Telegram / Whatsapp App

*Recommended Graphic Tablet is Huion H640P. Please contact us HERE for additional discount from our hardware partner Huion.

Duration - 2 Weeks

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

Live Video Class with Mentor

Feedback on Assignment


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