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Fee Structure

    • Single Course Fees Rs. 1000/-  1500/-
    • COMBO 
    • Select Any 3 Courses : Rs. 2000/-   2800/-
    • Select Any 6 Courses : Rs  3000/-   4500/-
    • Select Any 12 Courses: Rs 4500/-   6500/-

    18% GST will be applicable on the above fees.

About Course

If you have basic drawing skills and never dabbled in animation before, this course is for you.

If you can barely draw but have always been fascinated by the world of 2D Animation, this course is for you.

There have been some great movies done in 2D animation like The Lion King and Aladdin. This module is your first step towards creating your own 2D animations.

In this course, learn to animate a scene from scratch – have a butterfly merrily fly around in a lively garden, learn how to animate a very short clip where a mama fish saves her baby fish from fishermens or even learn how to create a fun animation clip of cheese becoming a monster and going after the rat.

No prior knowledge of 2D is required to do this course. With the step-by-step video tutorials and guidance by your mentor, you will be on your way creating cool 32D animation. With all this added skill, you can eventually create your own animation for short-films, games, ad-films, logos etc.

You will be using Blender software in this module – Blender is one the hottest 2D and 3D applications out there in the market, that is used for creating high-end movies, animations for games and content for AR / VR among many other applications. And the other really cool thing about Blender is that, it is an open-source software, which basically means it is free.

This course is for:

  • Complete beginners and no prior knowledge of 2D required.
  • Those who want to create 2D Animation
  • Those who are looking to take their first step in the world of 2D movies and games
  • A laptop or computer with Win 7 OS or above
  • Before enrolling the course make sure, you have seen our ‘test your computer for blender’ video. This video will show you how you can test your computer to check if it is compatible for Blender software or not.
  • Once you have seen the video mentioned in Step 2 above, you can Download Blender from HERE and do as suggested in the video.
  • Gmail Account
  • Telegram / Whatsapp App

Please take a moment to check the compatibility of your computer/ laptop by watching THIS video.
You will need to download THIS file to complete the test.

Duration - 2 Weeks

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

Live Video Class with Mentor

Feedback on Assignment


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